Must-have Festival Accessory: The Antibacterial Wrist Band

Summer Fest Sanitzer

It’s 4 pm, you’re in a park, the festival is in full swing, and you can’t hold on any longer. Ask anyone who’s attended an outdoor concert, art show, carnival, or county fair, what the least enjoyable part was and they’ll say the same thing.

The state of the festival toilets.

Or maybe it’s your time to be out in nature, camping or hiking. One of the only downsides to all these fun, outdoor activities is that little necessity of life – the toilets.

Unfortunately, porta-pottys (portaloos) are rarely equipped with hand sanitizer or a place to wash hands. And let’s face it, if you are at a festival or on a beach, chances are you will be eating with your hands. So, let’s talk about hand hygiene.

Stay fresh - wear the Antibacterial Wrist Band

If you’re lucky, portable loos may have a squirt of hand sanitizer, but the problem is the number of people who use them. Better to have your own personal supply of sanitizer, within easy reach and available at all times.

One of our Invaluable Inventions is a design for a hand sanitizer dispenser that can be worn on your wrist. The Antibacterial Wrist Band is stylish, unobtrusive, and holds enough sanitizer to last the whole day.

You just gently depress the face of the band, and the perfect amount of product is there at your fingertips.

A tool for spreading awareness – not germs

The design gives festival organizers a wide choice of colors and a great way to spread awareness of your brand. People are used to wearing wristbands at concerts or theme parks, and the Antibacterial Wrist Band can be branded, color coded, or imprinted with brand messages. It also makes for a great giveaway at hospitals, schools, conventions – any place where large numbers of people gather.

From OutsideLands to BurningMan, Disneyland to Great America, Yosemite to Yellowstone, and from SXSW to E3, having a cool, convenient and practical way to stay germ-free means you can enjoy yourself even more.

Working together to prevent and control infection

At Invaluable Inventions we would love to talk with companies who might be interested in licensing this design. If you know of anyone in the premium manufacturing or packaging industry and you can make an introduction, let me know

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