Can a high-tech dressing heal wounds faster?

high tech bandage with replaceable layers and progressive dressing

Invaluable Inventions has developed a high-tech bandage that could be used to heal wounds faster. The medical grade bandage is progressive and adapts during the healing process.

Intelligent medical dressing

Unlike traditional bandages, our bandage with replaceable and progressive dressing layers assists in the healing of a wound and prevents infection.

At Invaluable Inventions, we have come up with an inventive design that can help heal wounds, not just protect them from the elements. Watch the short animation to find out more.

Painlessly removing bandages

Ripping off an adhesive bandage hurts, and removing them can expose a sore to new infections. Skin injuries due to medical adhesive usage are widespread and unrecognized. As well as causing pain, these injuries increase the size of the wound, increase the risk of infection and delay the healing process.

Our bandage with replaceable and progressive dressing layers protects the area from additional injury and keeps the bacteria out. More importantly, it can be left on and will adapt during the wound healing process.

First Aid essential

The bandage with replaceable and progressive dressing layers was developed by Invaluable Inventions as a basic first aid product, suitable for all types of wounds such as lesions, cuts, burns and for covering stitches. As a wound care dressing, it’s the perfect alternative to traditional adhesive bandages particularly for chronic conditions such as skin wounds from diabetes.

This innovative product is also suitable for use in hospitals and other clinical settings. A single bandage could replace multiple adhesive bandages, which saves time and money. That’s a big advantage over the traditional bandage which dates back to the field dressings first used in America’s Civil War. We’ve come a long way since then, to Invaluable Inventions’ patented product.

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