Frustrated by Loose and Tangled Cables?

Tangled Cables

The life of an IT Manager can be a thankless job. Your days can be spent addressing an unending series of crises, from the minor (“I just spilled my coffee on my keyboard”) to the catastrophic (“I think we’re under a denial of service attack!”).

The best IT professionals have a gift for staying cool under fire. But one thing guaranteed to get to even the best of them is having to constantly manage the miles-and-miles of cables - particularly in a server room.

Taming the cable beast

There are all kinds hacks used to tame the cable beast including:

  • color-coded Velcro strips
  • zip ties
  • plastic tubing
  • duct tape.

And there are lots of products to help you contain cables as they snake around the office. But do you know where you really need a better solution? It’s at the point where a cable plugs into something else.

Preventing cable management problems

When you have to install or remove a cable in multi-cable environments (server stacks, anyone?), invariably the locking screws on the cable connectors become tangled and you risk accidentally unplugging something else.

The problem:  You accidentally unplug the server where the CEO is trying to open a critical document, or you take down your internet access.

The result: The cost to a business that loses even a few minutes of downtime, due to an error like that can quickly reach into the thousands of dollars. Imagine your irritation when this seems to happen every week.

The solution: My own experience with this kind of frustration led to the design of a simple, elegant solution for keeping cables from getting tangled: The Tangle Free Cable Management Device

By creating a device that keeps wires from getting caught between the locking pins of a connector, we found an easy way to avoid the issue of accidentally unplugging a mission critical system altogether.

We had a few criteria when designing the Invaluable Inventions Tangle Free Cable Management Device

  • It had to be simple to install.
  • It had to be easy to retrofit to existing cables, or be easily included in newly-manufactured cables.
  • It had to still allow you to rotate the locking screws without removing the device.
  • And, it had to be a low-cost solution.

Our design successfully manages to achieve all of those things. If you’d like to see how The Tangle Free Cable Management Device works, watch this 5-second animation

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in licensing the Invaluable Inventions Tangle Free Cable Management Deviceget in touch

At Invaluable Inventions we like to say that our mission is to improve daily life one invention at a time. With close to 350,000 IT managers in the US alone, I think our tangle-free cable cover has the potential to improve a whole bunch of daily lives.

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