Do you know the most hygienic way to fill the water cooler?

Watercooler 2

Go into any office, school, gym and even domestic kitchens, and you’ll spot a water cooler. The bottled water dispenser has become the easiest way to supply clean water. When it’s your turn to replace the bottle, do you wash your hands first? Unlikely.

And you are only the last person in a long line. The water bottles are handled at each stage of the process – bottling, transport, storage, opening and attaching to the cooler.

Any drinking water should be stored in sanitary conditions. But the weak link in the chain, where bacteria and contamination can occur, is on replacing the bottle. Those heavy plastic bottles are cumbersome and can be difficult to fit. Consider how many people wrestle with the bottle and whether they wipe it down to remove dust and dirt first.

The outside of each new water bottle, being added to the cooler transfers bacteria which remains in the reservoir. Do you still want a sip of chilled water?

Keeping water free from bacteria and contamination

Invaluable Inventions had your hygiene and safety in mind when developing the Hygienic Water Container Cover. The easily removable container cover prevents the transmission of bacteria and the contamination of drinking water during the transportation and storage of cooler bottles.

The Hygienic Water Container Cover is added to the bottle cap immediately after sealing – it protects and creates a barrier to germs and bacteria. Many food standards agencies have advice on preventing waterborne illness from bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. The Hygienic Water Container Cover has a seal that is tamper proof and hygienic, yet easy to remove.

All water dispensers should be cleaned regularly, but unlike in Europe, there’s no regulated cleaning and decontamination programme in the US for coolers. No worries, the Hygienic Water Container Cover ensures water stays clean at every step of the journey.

Don’t cut down on your water consumption, do look at how the Hygienic Water Container Cover works.

Other Invaluable Inventions include:

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