Pivoting During a Pandemic


Covid-19 has forced many companies to pivot and we are no exception. One of our inventions (that we designed back in 2015) is a hand sanitizer wristband. We saw a huge surge in interest in this product early this spring when more people started looking for ways to fight germs. The GermBlitzer© wristband has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to keep hand sanitizer at the ready. The only problem was, there was no hand sanitizer to be found. Shortages of sanitizer had everyone scrambling; no one could keep it on the shelves and anyone who was able to manufacture more sanitizer was inundated with orders. The irony for us was that here we had a product that everyone wanted, but we could not find a supplier for the key ingredient. Hand sanitizer has now returned to store shelves, but every supplier we spoke to was so overwhelmed with keeping up with existing orders they could not even entertain adding a new product to the mix. It was hard not to feel like a big opportunity was going to slip away.

We believe in this product and think it can make life easier for all of us who want a simple way to get a quick spritz of hand sanitizer on the go without having to carry around a bottle or wipes. We knew we needed to come up with a pivot that would help us overcome this obstacle. Originally, we planned for the GermBlitzer© capsules to be prefilled and easily replaceable.  Since pre-filling the capsules was going to be an issue, we tweaked the design to come up with a refillable option. The new design allows the end-user to inject the hand sanitizer of their choice into the capsule with a small included syringe. The new design has the added bonus of being more sustainable and less expensive to manufacture and ship. The wristband is about the size of a large sports watch and can be customized in different colors or imprinted with a logo or other design.

Trying to stay positive and innovative in challenging times isn’t easy. Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to wait out a crisis and when to make major changes to adapt to a new set of circumstances. If you have a story about how you have pivoted your business or invention to keep moving forward this year, we would love to hear about it. There is a lot to learn from these experiences and plenty to be inspired by.

If you are interested in learning more about our GermBlitzer© wristband, contact us at info@invaluableinventions.com or visit http://www.antibacteriaband.com/. We are currently accepting orders in minimum quantities of 50,000 and licensing opportunities are available.


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