How the Postal Service Helps Spot Mail Thieves

Informed mail delivery

Invaluable Inventions is dedicated to finding innovative ways to protect your privacy and security. So, imagine our excitement when we signed up for a new service from the US Postal Service that helps consumers preview what’s in their mailbox. You can also see mail that is due to be delivered which makes it easier to figure out if important mail is missing.

See your mail before it arrives

The free service from USPS, Informed Delivery, sends images of what’s in your mail box to your inbox. You can also sign up to get a daily email of the images and to receive email or text notifications for package deliveries. The system works by scanning the mailing address side of envelopes or postcards; your mail is never opened, so the contents stay secure.

Don’t worry about stolen mail

Being able to see what mail should be in your mailbox can give you peace of mind that nothing has been intercepted between the post office and your front door. It can also help you spot an important check or bill, or valuable package that needs immediate attention

If you are on vacation, you can quickly see if anything interesting is going to be waiting and it works even if you have put a hold on your mail. You can sign up for the service online

Added security

Mail thieves can use intercepted mail to steal your identity. In 2016, USPS initiated over 1,300 investigations into the theft or possession of stolen mail. We all need to protect ourselves from the potential harm that can come from stolen mail, and Informed Delivery is a great way to be proactive in protecting your identity.

Don’t forget:   After you’ve sorted and opened your mail, anything with personally identifiable information should be shredded before you put it in the trash or recycling. This could be something as basic as an envelope with your name and address.

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Who else wants better identity protection?

Several Invaluable Inventions designs, including the Self-Shredding Label and Camera Lens Cover, are focused on identity protection.

  • The Self-Shredding Label is a label with an in-built destruction mechanism. Ideal for medical, military and government uses and the prevention of pharmaceutical fraud.
  • The Camera Lens Cover prevents cameras on any mobile device from being hacked, offering protection from cybercrime.

At Invaluable Inventions, we’re always interested in hearing about ideas or concerns you may have about protecting your privacy and security. To find out how we can help – get in touch

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