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Do you know the most hygienic way to fill the water cooler?

Watercooler 2

Go into any office, school, gym and even domestic kitchens, and you’ll spot a water cooler. The bottled water dispenser has become the easiest way to supply clean water. When it’s your turn to replace the bottle, do you wash your hands first? Unlikely.

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Patent is Granted. Celebrating Success at Invaluable Inventions

Invaluable Inventions patented self shredding labels

I feel like passing out cigars.On 3 October 2017, we welcomed a new patent into the world. The Invaluable Inventions Self Shredding Label design is officially US Patent No. 9,779,641. I feel like a proud dad.

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Why Small Innovations in Cable Management Mean Big Wins

Server Rack

The latest Invaluable Inventions stops your cables getting tangled and reduces the risk of snagging on obstructions. The inspiration behind our cable management device for use in server farms, or other multi-cable IT environments, was borne from our own experience.

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How the Postal Service Helps Spot Mail Thieves

Informed mail delivery

Invaluable Inventions is dedicated to finding innovative ways to protect your privacy and security. So, imagine our excitement when we signed up for a new service from the US Postal Service that helps consumers preview what’s in their mailbox.

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Must-have Festival Accessory: The Antibacterial Wrist Band

Summer Fest Sanitzer

It’s 4 pm, you’re in a park, the festival is in full swing, and you can’t hold on any longer. Ask anyone who’s attended an outdoor concert, art show, carnival, or county fair, what the least enjoyable part was and they’ll say the same thing.

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Frustrated by Loose and Tangled Cables?

Tangled Cables

The life of an IT Manager can be a thankless job. Your days can be spent addressing an unending series of crises, from the minor (“I just spilled my coffee on my keyboard”) to the catastrophic (“I think we’re under a denial of service attack!”).

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How Many People Actually Shred Every Document?


Identity theft is no joke. It’s important to do everything you can to protect yourself, and that includes shredding mail with your personal information on it before it goes into the trash.

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Your Prescriptions and Your Privacy

invaluable inventions medical fraud idenity theft

Most of us have old bottles of prescription medications sitting in the medicine cabinet or a drawer somewhere. We tend to focus on safely destroying the drugs, but it’s just as important to destroy the labels on the prescription bottles or packaging before they end up in the recycling bin.

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Identity Theft from Dumpster Diving - What You Need to Know

Dumpster Diving2

High-tech attacks like hacking of company databases or email phishing schemes get lots of attention, but low tech identity theft crimes like ‘dumpster diving’ for discarded mail or other documents with personal information are still a big cause for concern. Thieves can use your trash to steal your identity.

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Could I Jua Kali it? Creating Invaluable Inventions

Invaluable Inventions inpiration Jua Kali

For San Franciso-based Kemaal Esmail, the inspiration for Invaluable Inventions came from growing up in Nairobi where entrepreneurs would ask ‘Could I Jua Kali it?’ or ‘Could I make or fix it?’

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