The Other Kind of Privacy Mark Zuckerberg Should be Worrying About

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Recently, the New York Times ran an article about a trash picker in San Francisco who regularly rummages through Mark Zuckerberg’s garbage to find things he can sell. It may be a sad fact that wealthy people toss out perfectly good items like coffee makers and designer jeans that others see as a source of income, and maybe there is something to be said for an underground economy built on recycling and reuse of things destined for the landfill, but it should give Mr. Zuckerberg pause to think that along with his leftover chicken dinner and diet root beer cans are his thrown out credit card offers and cardboard boxes with his name and address right there for anyone with intentions of making money from his cast-offs to find.

Protecting your privacy begins at home. Trash picking is a crime, but it is one that is hardly ever enforced. When someone rummages through your trash, they not only have access to documents and labels with your name and address, they have clues about where you bank and shop and what medicines you might be taking. The best way to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft from trash pickers is to shred everything with your name and address before you put it out on the curb.

How many Amazon shipping boxes do you think Mark Zuckerberg gets in a week? Do you think he takes the time to peel off every label off every box he receives? Do you take the time to peel off every label that comes to your house? Probably not, but you should. Right now, it is a hassle to go to all that trouble. Eliminating this everyday hassle and helping you protect your personally identifiable information was the inspiration for our self-shredding label.

The self-shredding label makes it easy to remove your name and address and any other sensitive information. As you easily peel away the printed layer it is instantly shredded to the highest privacy and security standards. There is no wasted time trying to pry a label free, no broken fingernails, no standing over a shredder feeding in bits of paper. It is a simple, painless way to make sure your private information is safe, and your trash is anonymous. Take a look at this short animation to see how it works.

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