A Look Back at the Best Inventions of 2019

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Time Magazine recently posted their annual round-up of the best inventions of 2019. These top 100 ideas span twenty categories from accessibility to wellness. Healthcare garnered the most ideas taking ten of the top spots. Many of these inventions really have the power to change people’s lives. One product that could improve life for millions is Nerivio, a device from Theranica that uses remote electrical neuromodulation to help relieve the pain of migraine headaches without drugs.  The Butterfly iQ is a handheld ultrasound device that plugs into a smartphone, allowing doctors to use ultrasound for diagnoses in settings where traditional imaging equipment is not available. This could be a game changer in rural areas or places where access to hospitals is limited. There is a talking hearing aid, a smart cane for the visually impaired, and an AI powered prosthetic hand. These inventions offer significant quality of life improvements for people with disabilities.

One of our favorite ideas is a solar powered cow that recharges batteries that school children can take home, providing energy to low-income families in developing nations. (You really need to check out the picture of the YOLK solar cow; it’s an example of how innovation and creativity can combine to create something unexpected and practical.)

New technology features prominently in many of the ideas. Here in Silicon Valley, it is not uncommon to see robots like Postmates Serve delivering food and we won’t be surprised to see them become more common in other urban areas. Other inventions included robots used in hospitals or caring for the elderly. Technologies like virtual reality and AI also feature strongly, especially in gaming and education products.

We’ve been tracking new ideas that address sustainability for a while now, and it was no surprise that there were many interesting inventions that address issues like solar power, wind power, reducing waste, conserving water, and vehicles that use cleaner energy. We are always on the lookout for new ideas in the shipping and packaging industry and 3M’s Scotch Flex & Seal shipping roll is very interesting. It eliminates the need for boxes or packing materials when sending packages in the mail and it is reusable. Something like this, combined with our self-shredding label could allow consumers to use packaging more than once, without having to worry that their personal information might get passed around to strangers.

The end of the year is a great time for reflection and rejuvenation. We get inspired by looking at all the innovative products and the new ways inventors are approaching everyday challenges we face. Creativity and design can spark new ideas in all of us. We look forward to many more new ideas in 2020!

Happy New Year from all of us at Invaluable Inventions!


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