What Makes us Invaluable?

VISION - To improve daily life one invention at a time.

MISSION - TO Invent solutions that alleviate the frustration of many everyday tasks and design PRODUCTS that better protect consumer privacy and personal health/hygiene AND WELL-BEING.

The irritation of mundane tasks and common aggravating problems can diminish our quality of life. We create simple hardware solutions that alleviate the frustrations of everyday life. Our invaluable inventions are patented or patent pending ideas that you can license in order to bring these innovations to your customers. 

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Privacy and identity theft are every consumer’s greatest worry. Easy to use products can be manufactured to better protect consumers from theft, fraud or exploitation. Several of our inventions address privacy protection with sensible safeguards.

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Exposure to viruses and contaminants is a constant concern.  Toxins from the flu to Ebola are transmitted through casual contact or contaminated surfaces. Even household dust can contain bacteria and other harmful substances. Many of our creations are designed to protect the consumer from avoidable contagion or infection.

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Privacy & Security

#07 Self-Shredding Label

The privacy protection label from Invaluable Inventions prevents theft of confidential information including corporate, personal and medical details.

The self-shredding label is secure, cost-effective and exceeds HIPAA and FACTA compliance for destruction of confidential information.

Solution: USPTO Patents #9779641, #10163372 & #10431124


Healthcare - Personal

#08 Antibacterial Wrist Band

Preventable diseases are transmitted through casual human contact. This wristband from Invaluable Inventions ensures antibacterial sanitizer is ‘on hand’ at all times via a convenient and inconspicuous wearable.

cable tangle revised


#01 Tangle Free Cable Management Device

Avoid taking down your network with the Tangle Free Cable Management Device from Invaluable Inventions. Eliminate the frustration of tangled cables with this simple solution.
It can be easily retrofitted to your existing infrastructure.

Solution: USPTO Patent #10033137

Anti-bacterial wrist band designed by Invaluable Inventions for hand hygiene on the go

Healthcare - Medical

#04 Bandage with Replaceable and Progressive Dressing Layers

This medical grade bandage from Invaluable Inventions is progressive and adapts throughout the healing process. It is suitable for all types of wounds such as lesions, cuts, burns and the covering of stitches.

Camera lens cover for mobile devices, an idea from Invaluable Inventions

Privacy & Security

#02 Camera Lens Cover

Control your privacy and stop possible cyber-criminal or hacker exploitation.

This security protection device from Invaluable Inventions delivers a simple and effective solution to prevent hacking or unwanted access to the camera on any mobile device.

Gallon Cover

Healthcare - Industrial

#03 Hygienic Water Container Cover

Prevent the transmission of bacteria and the contamination of drinking water during industrial or residential transport and storage of water cooler bottles with this easily removable hygienic cover.