Invaluable Inventions is here to help! Do you have a good idea, another ‘invaluable invention’ but just not sure what to do next? It might not be as complicated as you think.

Based on our experience, the process below gives you some step-by-step guidance of the approach you need to take. We’ve successfully navigated the path from idea to patent to product many times over. Get in touch and our experts can give you tailored help to bring your ideas to life.

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Our Patent Process

Have an Idea? Patent research When to get help Patent application Write patent application Invention description and background Patent Fees Conceptual drawings Submit Patent Claims Revise and retry Challenge Assess value Development costs Negotiate sales terms Funding Royalties/licensing Sales/marketing

Search for Patents

Find existing patents, published patent applications and other published patent documentation.

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Read About Trademarks

Learn about trademarks and find out if it's right for you to apply for a registration.

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Contact us for licensing opportunities, product design assistance, consulting on navigating the patent process.

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