The self-shredding label from Invaluable Inventions is a breakthrough technology that lets you create new label products that protect personal privacy and enhance tamper evidence.

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The multi-layer construction means you can easily peel to shred sensitive details or private information from labels or documents. You can add extra levels of protection to tamper evident solutions with destructive elements and peel to reveal hidden authentication codes, bar codes, or QR codes.

Protect Consumer Privacy

Consumers are demanding easier ways to protect their privacy. Prescription labels, financial documents, or any label or document with sensitive personal information becomes more secure with a self-shredding label.

  • Built-in destruction layer destroys sensitive data to P-4 shredding standards.
  • No shredding equipment required.
  • Exceeds HIPAA and FACTA compliance for destruction of confidential information.

Enhance Tamper Evident Solutions

Add extra levels of protection to tamper evident solutions with both destructive elements and peel to reveal authentication codes. Self-shredding technology makes it easier to determine if a product has been tampered with and to prevent counterfeiting. Protect your brand with the latest innovation in tamper evident solutions.

  • Self-shredding tamper evident labels are fully destructive.
  • Prevents counterfeiting or reuse of labels.
  • Hide authentication codes, bar codes or QR codes under peel to reveal layers.

Learn how you can use self-shredding label technology for your own innovative new products.

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