New Year, New Patents, New Opportunities

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We got some pretty exciting news over the holidays. The U.S. Patent Office has now approved two of our self-shredding label patents and issued no further objections to the third. This means the intellectual property of our unique solution for protecting consumer privacy and product safety is fully protected in the United States and details about the design concept are now available without having to undergo a lengthy NDA process.

Typically, the patent approval process is extremely long and arduous, so we are pleased that our three new patents were approved so quickly and easily in the U.S. and our worldwide patent applications are progressing on schedule. It’s validation that our Self-Shredding Label is a unique and proprietary product which has noteworthy market potential within several different verticals for applications ranging from privacy protection to supply chain management.

Over the last year we have had incredibly positive support from some of the largest label manufacturers and retailers in the country. We shared preliminary confidential information about the concept and they in turn helped us improve on our original patent, formulating a design that can be easily mass produced. Credit is due to all these manufacturers that contributed to strengthening the self-shredding label design concept. The manufacturability in addition to the broad claims contained in each patent have added a significant amount of value to the intellectual property we now have protected. With our U.S. patents in place, new opportunities are available for partners within different verticals who wish to obtain exclusive rights to develop market-ready solutions for a variety of applications including shipping labels, pharmaceutical labels, financial service labels, tamper-evident labels, and authentication labels.

We see the trends in security and privacy protection becoming stronger than ever. Congress continues to pressure companies to find ways to protect consumers’ privacy and companies that take proactive measures to protect their customers are rewarded with brand loyalty and increased profits. If regulations in Europe are any litmus test of times to come, legislation similar to GDPR is inevitable in the U.S. and the need to protect consumer information is not likely to decrease. Having exclusive rights to these privacy protection patents may prove to be an advantageous and prescient move.

To review the claims and the fine points regarding the designs of our patented Self-Shredding Labels, you can find all relevant patent details below on Google:

or visit

If you are interested in talking about obtaining exclusive patent rights, contact Kemaal Esmail at


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