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#03 Hygienic Water Container Cover

Prevent the transmission of bacteria and the contamination of drinking water during industrial or residential transport and storage of water cooler bottles with this easily removable hygienic cover.

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  • Bugs and bacteria breeding in your water cooler?
  • Are you creating a health hazard for staff, friends and family? 
  • Many water coolers carry bacteria which can cause nausea and diarrhea. The bacteria count can reach four times the recommended government limit.
  • The outside of each new water bottle being added to the cooler transfers bacteria which remains in the reservoir
  • Bottles are handled at each stage of the process – bottling, transport, storage, opening and attaching to the cooler
  • Bacteria on hands is highly transferable and multiply easily
  • No regulated cleaning and decontamination programme in US for coolers (unlike Europe)


  • A product which ensures water stays pure at every step of the journey
  • A product which is added to the bottle cap immediately after sealing – protects and creates a barrier to germs and bacteria
  • Tamper proof and hygienic seal but easy to remove


  • No hassle / practical and cost-effective solution
  • No cleaning or disinfectant involved
  • Protect staff and family from sickness
  • Continual use of the product ensures the dispenser stays clean and hygienic
  • Patented and available from Invaluable Inventions!

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