Why Small Innovations in Cable Management Mean Big Wins
The latest Invaluable Inventions stops your cables getting tangled and reduces the risk of snagging on obstructions. The inspiration behind our cable management device for use in server farms, or other multi-cable IT environments, was borne from our own experience.
Frustrated by Loose and Tangled Cables?
The life of an IT Manager can be a thankless job. Your days can be spent addressing an unending series of crises, from the minor (“I just spilled my coffee on my keyboard”) to the catastrophic (“I think we’re under a denial of service attack!”).
Could I Jua Kali it? Creating Invaluable Inventions
For San Franciso-based Kemaal Esmail, the inspiration for Invaluable Inventions came from growing up in Nairobi where entrepreneurs would ask ‘Could I Jua Kali it?’ or ‘Could I make or fix it?’  Growing up in Kenya, resources were scarce; it was a closed market economy and we learned to make do with…