Pivoting During a Pandemic

The pandemic has forced many companies to pivot and we are no exception. We redesigned the GermBlitzer© wristband so a good idea and a great opportunity would not slip away. 

Persistence Pays Off

Receiving a patent for your idea is a huge achievement, but that doesn’t mean your invention stops evolving. And it doesn’t mean the hard work is over. It takes persistence and flexibility to take a product to market.

The GermBlitzer© Wristband Keeps Sanitizer on Hand

The GermBlitzer© wristband from Invaluable Inventions is designed to deliver a spritz of hand sanitizer any time you need it. Licensing opportunities available.

Pandemic-Inspired Innovation

The way we live is changing, and that means the products we use will be changing, too. Now is the time for some pandemic-inspired innovation.

Covid-19 Crazy Ideas

There is nothing like a bit of cabin fever to get inventors to start thinking of crazy ways to address our new reality.

Teen Genius

Need to bring a new perspective to your ideation sessions? Go back to high school and think like a teen genius! 

Innovation is Child’s Play

Take your cue from your inner child and see what innovations you can come up with.

The Inventor’s Field of Dreams

Inventors need to understand the market challenges they face before they start talking to potential licensees. Learn ways to approach early market planning.

A Look Back at the Best Inventions of 2019

A look back at some of this year’s best innovations and new products from Time’s Best Inventions of 2019.

Ideas for a Changing World

A look at some world-changing trends that are inspiring new product innovations.