Avoid taking down your network with the Tangle Free Cable Management Device from Invaluable Inventions. Eliminate the frustration of tangled cables with this simple solution.
It can be easily retrofitted to your existing infrastructure.

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  • Installing or removing one cable in a multi-cable IT environment risks dislodging others resulting in power and internet outages with catastrophic consequences
  • Cable connectors with projecting locking screws carry the added risk of snagging and tangling with other cables or obstructions


  • The Tangle Free Cable Cover can be integrated into newly-manufactured cables or snapped on to augment existing cables, providing a tapered surface over the locking screws while still supporting the rotation of the screws. The device ensures trouble-free installation and removal


  • Retrofit design
  • Low cost solution 
  • Reduce IT downtime and frustration
  • Significant target market and growing
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