Control your privacy and stop possible cyber-criminal or hacker exploitation.

This security protection device from Invaluable Inventions delivers a simple and effective solution to prevent hacking or unwanted access to the camera on any mobile device.

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  • Is your phone being hacked? Are you sure?
  • Hacking is on the increase – worldwide!
  • Hacking is becoming increasingly sophisticated and access to your camera can be gained without your knowledge
  • Phone software is then vulnerable so physical security is vital
  • Camera hacking leaves you private life open to access and abuse


  • A product that covers the lenses on all cameras to deliver physical security simply and easily
  • A product which delivers guaranteed protection of your phone
  • A product which delivers complete privacy and controlled by the end user - never a hacker


  • Simple solution with hassle-free installation
  • Delivers peace of mind as privacy is protected and maintained
  • Prevents the stress which can be caused when private data and information is stolen 
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