Purpose/Technical Description

Privacy and Security

#05 Identity Mask

Identity Protection device that disguises recognizable facial features to evade facial recognition and achieve complete anonymity in public. Never get recognized by the paparazzi again!

Personal Convenience

#13 Eyewear Magic Strap

Eye-wear accessory to assist with maintaining possession of eye-wear with a strap that snaps in place when glasses are removed from face.

Personal Hygiene

#12 Standing Toothbrush

Plastic accessory that keeps toothbrush upright when idle - standing upright keeps the head out of the reach of bathroom counter germs.

Personal Convenience

#16 Cardboard Box Disposal Aide

Recycle with ease - unique device simplifies the process of breaking down any cardboard box, allowing user to more easily dispose of the item by greatly reducing its footprint.

Healthcare - Medical

#17 Zero Gravity Shoes

Shoes designed with dual blade technology to cushion and propel. Primarily devised to help with orthopedic comfort and walk assist.

Personal Convenience

#101 Remote Starter Device for Cars

Device that can remotely start any vehicle with a key style ignition system. Specifically for individuals with cars that must be started on a regular basis to prevent engine damage.

Personal Safety

#102 Extra Sensory Hat/Helmet

Concept for police, motorcyclists, cyclists and major league baseball specifically - Detects and warns of approaching objects in a person's blind spot.

Personal Safety

#103 Vehicle Life Form Detection System

Your car can save a life. Our device detects if a life form is in a parked car. It is capable of calling for help, and can even temperature control the car (dependent on vehicle's year of manufacture).

Personal Convenience

#104 Luggage Pod

Independent Storage Pod designed to augment luggage space when travelling - no longer have to have an SUV for a road-trip.


#105 Perpetual Motion Machine

Glass, Water - that's it... Currently in R&D.

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